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Photographic and Motion Picture chemicals "Made in Italy"

Bellini FotoBellini FotoBellini FotoBellini Foto

Since 1988 Bellini Foto has operated in photographic chemistry. It is the only Company in the photochemistry industry that exclusively produces in Italy, gaining the role of an original product “Made in Italy”.

Bellini Foto production includes professional chemicals of the highest quality for photographic use for both paper and  film; colour and black&white; motion picture, graphic arts and x-ray

The experience gained has made it the leading Company in its field in Italy, becoming a point of reference in the world of photography for  professional and amateurs.
The experimentation and continuous improvement of chemical formulations; the choice of high quality raw materials; the competence in technical assistance for the customers, completely free of charge, are the main factors that have made Bellini Foto successful.